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purple flowers

Let Us Create a Scent Especially for You... 

"At Joy and Me we love creating fragrances that are just for YOU".

Gay Couple on their Wedding

      Bespoke Scents

If you are looking for a gift that is totally unique... look no further.

We can create a scent for you, to start a new life together, as a gift/bonbonniere or any other occasion.  

Product Launch

Modern Interior Design

Launching a product or business is an exciting time.

Use the sense of smell to evoke a memory of your product and leave your clients with a lasting link to your  goods.

Stuffed Animals

Personalised Labels

We can design a label for any occasion.

New baby, Mother's Day, Milestone Birthday's..... 

These are very popular as they show the effort you've put in to the gift planning. 

For example...

"Happy First Mother's Day Carly" : "Fifty & Fabulous" :

"Mrs John's, Thank You for being my Teacher in 2019"

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